Movie Sheets Question

I would like to start using moviesheets.

I would like to start using thumbgen, but my question is

Do I have to use the media libary to complie my medua. If so It would take days. I have all my media on USB ext HD.

At the monet have media libray disabled and am using the MOJO theme; awesome btw. But would really liek to take advantage of the moviesheets.

Can I skip the thumbgen and use an alrady made xml file and manually put in the infomration with the new file name?

I really dont need the backdrop, the simple background will be just fine, would only like the information, not all the images

Yes you need to have media library on.  How long it takes depends on how much media you have.

Also, the metadata has nothing to do with moviesheets as it is displayed using the meta xml.  But no you can’t just use xml’s and you need to use Thumbgen.   The xml name has to correspond to your file name, so using someone elses xml will not work with your files, because most likely their naming will not match your naming.  Also, the xml has to be in the correct format, so just any old xml will not work.

Now, if you use the xml generated by the SMP’s internal scraper that will work, but it is going to have the backdrop lines in it so you would have to manually edit every xml.  Much simpler to just use thumbgen to create the xmls and if you set it up correctly and don’t generate the moviesheets it will not add the lines.

But if you don’t use the backdrops (moviesheets) then it will not display the codec info which is part of the sheet.

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