Movie Sheets on the folder level

i have a request to see if its possible to have the movie sheets run at a folder level rather than a file level

so i have such movies in separate folder as


Batman Begins

each folder named above has the movie file and possible subtitle file in the folder

unfortunately when i do a movie sheet  i can only do it on the movie file rather than on the folder. so what comes up on the movie sheet view is just the thumbnail of the movie and not the description/plot and other info unless i go into the folder and highlight the movie file

is it possible to do this on the folder level or do i need to change my folder/movie structure?

im not keen on changing the structure as it is neat, whereas the xml files,  image folders are created in the parent folder which im not a fan of, i would prefer to keep them in the film folder (batman begins) and have the movie sheet run from that

any help?

Simple answer is NO, you can’t show moviesheets for folders.


is there a way to put all the movie sheet data into a separate folder?

such as folders

MovieSheets  <-------all movie sheet xml’s etc will just go in this folder?


Batman Begins

or would i need to change the xml file location myself?

No, you can put the moviesheets (backdrops) in a seperate folder, but the xml data and coverart (thumbnail) has to be in the same folder as the video file.