Movie Sheets for SMP?

I am certain that this has been answered/covered somewhere on the forum but I cant find anything.  I have a SMP and would really like to run movie sheets on it.  Plain and simply, how do I do this?  Does it run on factory firmware? About a week ago I installed Black Mamba theme and had everything working but the movie sheet would not come up when I was in gallery mode.  I ended up giving up on that, went back to factory theme and reevaluated the situation.  Does anyone have any input on the simplest method/configuration/theme/etc. to benefit from what movie sheets has to offer?  Thanks in advance!

You have to make sure that you have generated the metadata xml file correctly  using Thumbgen.

How to set up Thumbgen can be found here:

This tutorial was designed for my MOJO theme, however, the setup is pretty much the same no matter what theme you are using.

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Thank you for the guidance.  I am still wondering if I can run moviesheets on factory theme or do I need to run aftermarket theme to get it to work?  Thanks again.


The Default Theme places Movie Details (text) over the background image in Gallery Mode, so in short the ANS is basically No (unless you want to edit XML code - more later).

When set up correctly for a SMP, the THUMMBGEN program automatically creates a few files that are placed with your Movie (*.mkv, *.avi etc) based on the Movie you seleted. It creates a Moviesheet in JPeg format, a Thumbnail in JPeg format and a XML config file.

The SMP reads the XML file and it tells the SMP how the page will look. Specifically this XML file will call up your Moviesheet. 

So, please read Twarbles guide and the results you are trying to achieve are then easily obtained.

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Actually, yes you can use moviesheets on the default (Mochi) theme.  However, there is a catch.  You’ll have to design a moviesheet that works with that theme.

The Mochi theme was never designed to use moviesheets, so placement of any moviesheet items will have to take into account the placement of the metadata because that is not part of the moviesheet.

Even though it is possible to use a moviesheet with the default theme, I don’t recommend it without editing the gallery xml data to be more compatiable with a moviesheet, because if you don’t you will have less than desirable results.