Movie Sheet / Folder Option Effects

Hi Community-members,
Have purchased the WD TV Media Player (WDBPUF0000NBK-BESN), which I believe is the WD TV Live, and am trying to hook it up with my WD 2/3 TB My Book, to have a Movie/Audio Database for my home-theatre setup.
Have tried looking around the community pages, however, cannot try to get my WD Media player have the effects of Movie Sheets and Folder options.
Have tried all sorts of options (WDLXTV, Xzener’s Icons V2, even tried booting from a USB).
Could someone assist in how to get the Movie Sheet (MovieSheets+ 2.0.5) and Folder option effects (Xzener’s Icons V2) and Thumbgen?

Would appreciate it.



MovieSheets+ 2.0.5 “effects” are not possible on any Gen3 (or newer) wdtv device

it’s only possible (via Custom Firmware) for the OLD wdtv live’s