Movie Share issue

When I connect to my network share The Live Hub sees the share called movie on WIN7. When its done compiling it shows the individual folders within the Movie directory but there is no cover art and I cannot just push play to start the movie. Is my structure below the problem? Windows Media Browser lists and plays correctly.

MOVIE (share)

Movie Name





I don’t see why, but it might be the AUDIO_TS folder messing it up.  It’s not used anyway, so just try to delete it.

Also, the name VIDEO_TS may be case sensitive.   it should be ALL CAPS.

Thanks for the info. I removed the AUDIO_TS folder and my movies are now playable directly from the individual movies folder without having to drill down to VIDEO_TS but it still doesnt show the cover art. Is there a size limit?

No, there’s no (practical) size limit…

I think you’re encountering a bug where Metadata isn’t properly displayed in a certain folder structure.

The other alternative is to put all the files in an ISO container instead of using a VOB tree…

You can use something like ImageBurn to do that.

I would have to then mount those ISO to use media center. I would prefer not to do it that way. At least for now i am able to play them. I’ll mark this as accepted and start a new post for my cover art issue.