Movie Scrapes

First…sorry for what follows, I am sure it has been covered before, but for a newbie…the WD Live Media Hub…is …well…not really intuitive. So I’m asking for help…please…

The hub is connected to a plasma TV capable of displaying any resolution up to and including 1080p.

  1. What is the best files format for ripping movies?

  2. Do the movies need to be in a folder named with the movied title?

      i.e. a directory sturture that looks like: Media > Video > MovieName

  1. Get content, so far does not work at all.

     a) I have used Media Center Master to do scrapes from IMDB and…I get all sorts of Metadata, but none shows in the WD menus.

    b) I used WDTV Hub Gen (yes MSFT .Net 4 in installed). The program generates a series of errors and provides no  data.

  1. Yes I downloaded and read the manual…probably missed some important things, but my WD is not working as the manual suggests.

So far my experince with this device is far from stellar. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Still confused.

Sorry you are confused.

  1. Hub will work fine with a variety of formats, preferance is up to you. I am using avi, mpg, ISO, mkv and all work fine.

  2. You do not need movies in individual directories. Again a personal preferance, but a lot of folks here (including me) put videos in “genre” directories such as “Action”, “Comedy” etc. The exception to this would be if you have your DVDs ripped to VIDEO_TS directories.

  3. Can’t help you here as I am using ThunbGen to scrape videos for data. I am sure someone else here can answer this one for you, though there are multiple external apps that you can use to scrape data besides “Get Content”. I have used TG and Hubgen and had great luck with both. May be worth looking into those.

  4. Well, at least thanks for reading the manual before you asked the questions.

Good Luck


Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your time.

Can you tell/shows me what the dir/file structure looks like.
i.e. Which directory does the WD keep the thumbnail in and what is the file name. movie.jpg ? move.netathumb?

You are right Video_ts needs to be in a dir with the movie as the file name, but mkv or avi is bundled all into one file - probably easier if I can get 1080p resolution.

I am using DVDFab. Is that a good ripper?

Again…thanks for your input.

-Still confused

Just mentioning this in regards to DVD Rips to VIDEO_TS folders.

You don’t have to have the VIDEO_TS folder as a Sub-Folder of the Movie Folder.

ie.  The Dark Knight Rises/VIDEO_TS

You can simply re-name the VIDEO_TS folder to The Dark Knight Rises and it will play fine.

ie. The Dark Knight Rises is now the " Main Folder" which contains all the vobs, ifo ,bup files etc

Press “OK” and it will play the DVD fine … Menu’s and All :smiley:

Also the WDTV Live Hub inbuilt Scraper will find the Movie and Generate the Cover and XML just fine.

Interestingly the Hub’s Inbuilt scraper generates these new files for the cover and movie info…

VTS_01_0.metathumb   (the thumbnail)

VTS_01_0.xml                  (the movie info)

Quick Guide for WDTV Live Hub Internal Scraper (Manual Get Content Info)

  1. Turn your Media Library ON  Setup > System > Media Library > ON

  2. Select Your Meta Source Setup > System > Meta-Source Manager > Movie > TMDB Meta Source

  3. On your Video File or Folder press “Option” Button … then select  “Get Content Info” follow the prompts.

If you wanna burn the movie for backup purposes … drag’n’drop the contents of the The Dark Knight Rises folder into DVD creation Software eg. Nero Burning Rom … and it will automatically create a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder for compatability with DVD Players.

Thank you … your info helped.