Movie release dates older than 1970 scrape scan issue, date changes on import save to library

I have a few older classic movies on my hardrive like:

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)
  • The Sound of Music (1965)

When I view library by date Ascending or Descending these two dummys are always first in my list and not last like they should be, newest to oldest.

I browse my Library by> Movies>All>- sort by date; newest to oldest, the two movies above are pretty ancient but they “Always show up first in Library” _like they are the most recent released movies, I t_ried to re-auto tag info by WD menu update-info, didnt work all the information and pictures are correct and downloaded properly through WD Live Streamer, I rescan the library and it still scrapes the wrong data from the two movies because thay are older than 1970.

I even edited the movie file tag properties in microsoft windows explorer and set the created/modified dates to the 1960’s this still didnt make a difference because WD Live seems to have a fit when movie dates are earlier than 1970 and automaticall changes that date when it scans / scrapes that data into the library with the wrong date, I checked my info in the SQLight database as and it gets captured by WD Live with A futuristic year date like 2034 its annoying.

This is a glitch in the WD firmware - any chance this can be fixed in the next update?

Hello nielp, welcome to the WD Community. See if the following links help.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966).mp4

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966).xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<title>The Good, the Bad and the Ugly</title>

The Sound of Music (1965).mp4

The Sound of Music (1965).xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<title>The Sound of Music</title>


The year date stored in the XML file is correct, WD library database is the problem as it scraps the years released from the movie file properties (mp4, mkv, avi) and not from the XML file like you would think - the only way to fix would be change the ‘file properties’ movie released year, date created, or date modified to the next decade 1970-01-01

The WD Live Database then scrapes / scans the Movie file properties (mp4, mkv, avi) & XML file for data and stores this in SQLlite, but the release year like 1960,1964, 1968 is stored by WD incorrectly as 2034.

I made copies of the WD Live database files and opened them with a program called SQlite to confirm this.

  • uniondb.cas
  • wdtv.cas

Changing the XML file data - makes no difference

Changing the file properties data (year) - makes no difference

Changing the value (manually above) stored in the SQL file is risky and can corrupt the movie library pretty quickly (Also the changes you make to the data gets over written on the nex larbray rescan), corrupting the movie library causes data to become unreadbale  - meaning full librabry delete and rebuild (too timely on 1200 large movie collection)


Changing the file properties data (created / modified) dates on individual files released earlier than 1970 - then rescan library, works for now, yes its only a bandaid fix…

Microsoft Windows Explorer: columns

A small bulk file property renamer