Movie Ratings and Content Info Lost

I have the WD TV Media Hub connected to my home network. I ripped my DVD collection to ISO and stored the files on a shared USB drive. Recently my USB drive was shut down unexpectedly and the “Share” was lost. After remapping the share (using the previous share name) I noticed that all of the ratings I gave to each of my DVDs was lost, along with the “Content Info” for each movie. I still had the .wdtv folder on the drive. Also the WD Hub still remembered which DVDs I had favorited.

Is there a way to get my ratings and content info back? If not is there a way to back this data up in case this happens again?


The movie info should be saved to XML files with same names as the movies, these are easy to back up, just make a copy of them on a save drive.

I believe the ratings are stored in Hub’s system which isn’t available to us, so there’s no way to secure those (Please correct me if I’m wrong)

I’ve given up on ratings, I keep losing them whenever I need to restart or reset the Hub - They really should be stored locally, preferable in the XML.