Movie Quality Poor?

I have a WDLIVE plus HD bought one for kids (50inch samsung 1080p)and one for my dad (60inch pioneer elite)but the movie quality is really bad, looks grainy with muted color and contrast is bad not even close to the original movie

I used DVDFAB 8 and created an ISO(was told this is highest quaility) file using dvd9 quality

I am hoping its something I am doing wrong and this is not just what to be expected. I currently only did 2 dvds havent tried blu-ray

Any help or guidence would be greatly appreciated


So you’re saying it looks worse than if you play the same DVD on a DVD player on those TVs?

How are the WD’s connected to these TVs?  What are your VIDEO settings?

Yes the same movie in the DVD players looks better then when I play the iso file

One is connected wit hHDMI and everything set to auto… The other is component

thanks for your time

I tried 2 other movies and those came out great. Must have just been the movie

thanks for your help

Playing a dvd9 format on giant TV hoe much u expect e resolution to be good?