Movie playback picture dims and brightens repeatedly

Hello all,

I recently got the Live Hub and am loving it!  After progressing from DVD players with Divx/Xvid playback, etc. the Hub is definitely a step up! 

I know I have read about this issue somewhere… that was before I realized that I have it too and I cannot seem to turn up the thread topic anywhere!

Problem: I have noticed that across a number of different films/files (with an array of encoding types), during movie playback, the picture dims slightly and then goes brighter, dims again, over and over throughout.  This is especially apparent when there is a transition to a new scene or angle, it almost seems as if the Hub is trying to find the right lighting and adjusting it (the colours seem to go kinda flat and then more vibrant as this is happening as well).  It’s just noticeable enough to be irritating.  This hasn’t happened on the previous DVD players I’ve used with the same files.

I am using an HDMI cable to connect to a 1080p Plasma TV.  Is there something I’m missing settings-wise that may correct this?

My LG was doing that, too, but it wasn’t hub-specific.  

I turned off some settings called “Dynamic Contrast” and “Dynamic Brightness” in the TV setup and problem solved.

Thanks for this!  You were 100% correct… I am using an LG TV and turning off the dynamic contrast did the trick.  Watching a film tonight was smooth sailing… thanks again!