Movie Linksheet Artwork - For Collections / Folders

I love the Genre sheets you made.  I’m currently trying to build my movie library and have my structure like so:










Romantic Comedy




TV Series


Whilst I know it is VERY cheeky to ask you to create all of these, if you do ever have the demand then please let me know and thanks again for your work.

I have been planning to do these, but havent had time, will share once I do. Now the superhero is made, do u have it?

Some new I have done that I have not had time to upload:


The Fugitive - U.S. Marshals Collection


Clint Eastwood Western Collection


The Thor Collection


The Expendables Collection


The Captain American Collection (Made for future release)


The 300 Collection (Made for future release)


The G.I. Joe Collection


The 3 Ninjas Collection


Red Collection


Star Trek Alternate Reality Collection


The Paranormal Activity Collection


The Chucky Collection - v2 (added newest movie cover)






Almost forgot these:

Star Wars- The Ewok Adventures

Laugh It Up, Fuzzball- The Family Guy Trilogy


Robot Chicken Star Wars Collection


Can anyone help me please?

It’s the first time i use thumbgen and i don’t really know where to put the files that comes out of it. What do i do with the file that is automaticly placed in the the same folder as the movie? Its a JPG of the movie cover. I can only see the cover on the folder that the movie is inside, but not the movie itself.


Probably best to ask questions like this in a new thread or one about installing linkhseets or themes. This post is for artwork people are sharing. Hopefully a Mod will move it for you.


Did you follow the instructions I gave you in response to your question in the thread below?


RoboCop Collection

RoboCop v2 (new movie cover added for future release)

Mexico Trilogy

Universal Soldier Collection

The Godfather Trilogy


Can these be used on the WDTV SMP??

Blackbeard1970 wrote:

Can these be used on the WDTV SMP??

If you have your SMP setup for linksheets, then yes.

Feast Collection

The Re-Animator Collection

The Fly

The Prophecy Collection

The Omen Collection

The Exorcist Collection

Grown Ups Collection

Batman - The Dark Knight Collection

When a Stranger Calls Collection

The Hitcher Collection

American Psycho Collection

Psycho Collection

Caddyshack Collection

Machete Collection

Road Trip Collection

The Addams Family Movie Collection

The Toxic Avenger Collection

Big Momma’s House Collection

Daddy Day Care / Day Camp Collection

Look Who’s Talking Collection

Short Circuit Collection

Spy Kids Collection

Grave Encounters Collection

Maniac Cop Collection

REC Collection

The Dentist Collection

Piranha Collection

Piranha 3D Collection

In The Name of the King Collection

Death Race Collection

Millenium Trilogy

Mad Max Collection (Added cover of 4th upcoming movie)

Dirty Harry Collection

The Little Rascals

Shanghai Noon Collection

The Crow Collection

The Hunger Games Collection

The Hunger Games Collection v2

These are the Movie Collection Sheets pearl made, thought it would be good to post theme here.

 Friday The 13th Collection (pearl)

The Bourne Collection (pearl)

The Chronicles of Narnia (pearl)

The Dark Knight Trilogy (pearl)

Hellboy Collection (pearl)

James Bond Collection (pearl)

Mission Impossible Collection (pearl)

The Godfather Trilogy (pearl)

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (pearl)

The Matrix Trilogy (pearl)

The X-Men (pearl)

The Transporter Trilogy (pearl)

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Collection

The Rio Collection

The X-Men Collection

Dirty Dancing Collection

Wolf Creek Collection

The Hills Have Eyes Collection (Original Series)

Pet Sematary Collection

The Ring Collection

WhiteNoise Collection

The X-Files Collection

Despicable Me Collection

The Almighty Collection

48 HRS. Collection

8MM Collection

Alone In The Dark Collection

Alex Cross Collection