Movie Info

Hi everyone

I noticed on scraped movies that all the info and fanart isnt displayed in gallery view but once you click on the movie it goes into another view where you then see all the info and fanart. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I’m guessing you have each movie in its own folder?

There’s a couple of “workarounds” for that, but the simplest (IMHO) is to just move all your movies into one folder.

where are your movies stored?  locally on a USB drive attached? or on a Networked device? 

either way, make sure to add that connection as a Media library.  ( if you click the red B button, it should let you select source)   If you need to set up a media library go to settings and turn media library on,  then go into media library manager and connect your source of movies. 

the last thing i have noticed in storing movies in folders, is that by default it seems to filter to a folders view on the media library.  once you have a media library, go into videos and if you see folders, click the A( green?) button and change the filter to “all” from folders. 

hope this helps! 


Yes i have each movie in its own folder , really have them in seperate folders because I also used ember media manager to create nfo’s for all my media for XBMC and it keeps my folders more organized.

its on network drive and added as media library but ill try the green button.

odd now the movie info plot description is on one line even though it is say 5 lines long for the plot. Almost looks like the lines or text are piled on top of each other and its flashing

well it seemed to be the theme causing the info display problem  because when I changed the theme info displays ok now.

If only now it would stop compiling media? why does it keep compiling media when I turn it on is there a way to stop it from compiling media or is it trying to put my library back together?