Movie info

got the new wdtv with latest firmware on… 
can anyone give me a quick rundown on what i need to set it too so i can get movie info, plot etc from my shared folder on my main p.c?
do i set the wdtv to network share / smb or media share?

from reading about it pulls info auto when a usb drive is plugged in, but mines on my p.c…


WIth firmware 1.04.12, it will get movie info on USB & SMB/CIFS “Network Shares.”


and on network shares is that info that i have generated with a program like wdtv hub auto generator or is it grabbed from the net automaticly?

It can do both.


how do i set it to get info from the net? (on latest firmware now)

Set CONTENT INFO COLLECTION to AUTO if you want it to do it itself.



i have all my videos in the same folder…

worked fine and showed info if i generated it all with wdtv hub auto generator…

but will not auto get it from the net? it is set to auto…?

any ideas? just shows the videos but no info / pics etc… what am i missing here? do i need to reset the wdtv?