Movie Info

I have a small amount of movies on my pc that were catalogged with My Movies for media center. I am sharing that folder on the network but my hub only shows the folder icons. How do I get it to show the data and the background wall art. I ma using the FIRETIX SHEET THEME BETA 1.0 theme. ( I know I have to wait for my hub to stop compiling first. I only have ~40 4 GB files and it’s been compiling for about 24 hours.)

for 40G of movies shouldnt take more than 5-15 minutes.

pull the power cord out of the back of the hub for 2 minutes and reinsert. Should compile for about 2-5 mins.

In order to get the xml data you have 2 options. browse to the movie and press options on remote. get info.

Thihs is manual for each movie.

Or you can run all your movies through thumbgen which can be found here