Movie info with media library off

So, recently my smp seems to be compiling a lot (I just added 6k music files but I left it on over night hoping that would do it but it seems to like to continually run the media compiling and blink the LED).  So, is there another way to get the info?  The info from before seems to be there in my folder view (I can see the 7 movie boxes and the info for whichever box is selected).  My new files don’t have the info though.  Pressing 0 on the remote to manually search for it doesn’t work with the library off.  I used a windows program called media companion so I have an NFO TBN and JPG file for the movie but I see it doesn’t get the XML file (though maybe I’ll look in the settings).  Anyone else find a work around.  I’ve seen a few posts where people say they leave the media feature off, but can you still get the info (background sheet/box)?

As far as I know info would still be available for files when media library is off.

It will just stop compiling the info for new files added.

I use Thumbgen to generate the metadata for my Movies & TV Shows.