Movie info jpg using Thumbgen


I was wondering if any of you can please assist me.

I do not want to download WDLXTV I want to keep the original foirmware froom WD TV.

MY QUESTION IS:   Is there any way that I can create movie info using Thumbgen to show on the WD TV?  I have all the movies in their own folder along with the thumbnail. I just wish a can create movie info show to show.

Thanking you in advance


You certainly can.  I have the stock WDTV firmware and all of my movies are on NAS on my home network. Each movie is in its own folder.  I used Thumbgen to create folder and movie thumbnails as well as a moviesheet JPG.  I changed the Thumbgen options so that my movie sheets were called About.JPG.

The WDTV will hide the JPG files if they have a period (.) at the start of the file name so I then renamed all of my folder.jpg and my_movie.mkv.jpg files to be .folder.jpg and .my_movie.mkv.jpg (I wrote a script to do it).  The WDTV will still use the pictures but it won’t show the JPG files its using.  Now when I go into my movie folder, all I see is About.JPG and My_Movie.mkv.

I also used Thumbgen to create Genre-based playlists.  Each playlist (e.g. Comedy) has its own thumbnail that I also hid using the period trick.

 That is a pretty slick trick! So you see the movie with it’s cover art, and also the “about.jpg”? You click on “about.jpg” to see the movie sheet, and then hit return and hi-lite the actual movie to play it?

 That’s actually pretty cool way of doing it =)