Movie Icons/artworks disappear when movie is placed in a new folder

I’m just trying to learn this WD Live Hub.

I understand that you have to name the JPG the same name as the movie for that image to show up as its thumbnail.

However, to make navigation easier, I like to put a movie series in one folder - for example, all the ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ movies I placed in one folder. Once you do that, the icons of the movies go back to that default green “video camera” icon.

Even when I try to move the JPGS into that folder from the computer (MacBook) on to the shared network, all it does is use one of the JPGs as an icon for the folder itself. The movies themselves remain blank.

I’m sure others here have folders for their movies, and I’m just wondering how you override this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

If you have movies in a folder you have to open that folder to access all your movies If I understand you correctly. The folder Icon that you want to show on the folder for the series should be named folderjpg. The movies inside the folder need to be named the name of the movie jpg and placed inside of the folder where the movies are. If you are using get content from the hub it will create a metathumb and over ride the folderjpg for the folder icon

Hope this helps

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