Movie folders - how do I get rid of them?

Happy New Year!

How do I get rid of subfolders in the movie menu?  I have opted for creation of my own bespoke folders, rather than using the predefined ‘genre’ filter (mainly because most films seem to be assigned to what I would consider the wrong genre, and there are no genre pictures).

My menu structure is simple eg:






      Animal House



Each genre folder has a folder.jpg

The Animal House folder will just contain the MKV, and once the content library is downloaded, a couple of extra files are added: an XML file and a Metathumb file.  In addition, a separate subfolder is created for the backdrops, in this case ‘’.

This seems to be normal behaviour.

However, when I go to the Movie menu, and enter any genre menu, maybe the first half of the films are presented as folders, and the remaining are the films with their backdrops.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to which film/folder is chosen.

Ideally, I would not have to enter the folders to get to the film, but just navigate through the films (as is currently the case with the genre filter).

I have seen one other person have this problem, but no solution.  Is this a known issue?  What are the workarounds?


It’s not an “issue” so to speak.  If you put one movie in each folder, you’re going to see a bunch of folders first.  

Folders are sorted before files. 

If you press PLAY on the folder instead of OK, it will play a folder.

Thanks for the tip.

However, I would love to know why some aren’t shown in folders, and you do miss the backgrounds when they are in folders.  I wonder if the information is stored in the folder wdtv file: ‘wdtv.cas2’, and if there is a tool to hack it.