Movie flicks back to menu after 10-15 minutes

Hi all.

I’ve just set up my new WDTV Live. Setup was a breeze, all seemed to work fine. But, on trying to watch an MP4 file, it’ll play for 10 minutes or so, then flick back to the menu screen, with the audio for the movie still playing. When I select try to go back to the movie, the first couple of times I got an option to resume watching or to restart. I selected resume, all was OK. The third time, I just got the arrow spinning.

I’m streaming the file via a wifi router and network storage - would this be the cause? Do I need to actually connect the WDTV to the router?

Many thanks for your help.

Bec :slight_smile:

you can read all about problems with mp4 files here…

support team are aware of problems … hopefully a fix in the next firmware

p.s. 90% of my mp4’s play without issue … one’s that don’t, i remux them to mkv using MKVmerge, then they are ok

MKVToolnix (includes MKVmerge)

hope it works for you