Movie file stops before end and skips to next file

wdbaam0000nbk-pesn mini media player wont play whole file (1.6 gb) just goes to next yet whole file plays on pc


What type of file you are trying to play? Have you try converting the file into another supported format?

Hi All,

I am having the same problem with my mothers setup.

I have even tried using my portable hard drive on her device and had the same problem, even though it plays fine on my WD Live system, and the PC.

Thought maybe there is a problem with her Mini player so I dusted my old retired one off and tried that one…same problem.

Some movie files play all the way through without a problem… cant figure it out.


Hi i am finding the same issues. i belive it is something to do with how the movie is encoded and its frame rate etc? it seems to be happening on movies that are encoded at 29kb/ps rather than those at 23 or 25 kb/ps. can anybody please help!!! and shed some light on this issue. thanks

I think i may have found the soultion to our problem chaps.

there is a recognised issue with many media centres have problems playing mp4 and avi files OVER 2 GB in size.

Try either splitting your mp4/avi with biosoft video splitter or suchlike software and it should play fine.

alternativly mkv files over 2GB should work fine, providing there is no file corruption and your device supports the encoded format.

Hope this helps you all, please reply with results let me know if it works.

Happy viewing , Armyman