Movie Collection Software

I am a new user of  WD TV Live and am starting to build my movie collection. I am looking for an application that will scan my movie directories and generate a movie database on my computer.  I use ThumbGen to create thumbs, movie sheets, and movie information (.nfo) files.  Ideally this application would search for these files (particularly the .nfo) to generate the database.  Any suggestions?

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I don’t have a suggestion for building a database, because I’ve never tried it, but I do have a friendly suggestion about ThumbGen…

I wouldn’t bother generating the .nfo files, and instead generate the .tgmd (ThumbGen metadata) files.

The .tgmd file contains all the information from the .nfo, plus all the images you’ve used for your thumb and your sheet.  If you ever go to change the templates of your sheets, for a different look, you can just “Create From Metadata” with a new template, and it will use all the same pictures and movie information.  With no metadata file, ThumbGen would have to re-do all the searches for all your movies.  The .tgmd files save a whole bunch of time when changing the look of your sheets.

Of course, you can keep the .nfo files too, especially if you find a database reader that will take the information from them, but everything in the .nfo is also in the .tgmd, so if you’re generating .tgmd, there’s no “need” for .nfo.