Movie collection - How to - Will MBL work

I have been searching around and just cannot seem to find the posts. 

I am coverting my DVDs to digital copies and am looking to store them on the MBL for streaming on demand to my Samsung Bluray player, Xbox 360, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Ipad 2 and 3 pc’s (Win7) as needed.  I know there is an issue with stock Twonky on the MBL (v5) correct?

I am looking  for help as to what format to make the movies and if there is any other software I need to download to make it work with all the above devices. 

Also, a side note that my extended Google-fu could not find.  When I “download” a digital copy of a movie online/via xbox apps/google store, I want access to the file so I can move it to the MBL.  I do not want “cloud” storage which is where all the places i can “buy” the movies seem to keep the movie for you as needed.  That is not ownership, its permanent rental on demand.  I get why they do it, but i am looking for a service where i actually get the downloaded file.  Any ideas?

Can anyone help or link me to the forum post here?  I have searched but cannot find it after going into 10 pages worth of posts. 


I just started copying my collection.

Here is everything I have run into the past week. I am only working on it when I have time, which is only a day here and there. Hopefully some of it is useful, feel free to ask questions if any of it is confusing…

What I have noticed, is that it doesn’t like to play mp4/m4v files. which is itunes default. unless you keep the movies in the itunes folder. I had to move itunes to my MBL. Originally i just downloaded the Digital copy and transferred it over, but the file wouldnt play. so i moved the files back to itunes and it works. 

WMV’s work, for the most part. Sometimes I will run into a problem which will kick me out to the XBOX video and I have to sign in.

One thing I have noticed, I don’t know if it is to do with dowloading Digital Copies as a wmv file, my windows8, or some other problem. but it doesnt work. the icon is just a purple box with a play icon, and it cant open. So i download it through itunes.

WMVs work on the 360 with the extender. The WMVs that work, just for clarification, are the ones I rip using a different program, so are usually olders dvds. I think mp4s should, if it is within the itunes itself. havent tried it  will today though.

I am using the a Sony Tablet. which reads .m4v itunes files, but i have no way of watching wmv files. i have downloaded different programs. ( arcmedia, upnp, mxplayer and a few others i can’t recall.) though this is the freeware. but they don’t work.  Just .m4vs opeining wth the androids videoplayer.

interestingly none of it works on my galaxy s2. they all say cant open file, except arcmedia, which just loves to buffer and gets stuck doing that… 

hopefully something in here helps… im still working out all the kinks, which is taking time since I am learning as I go.

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Hi, as far as I know the movies that you purchase from xbox live are only playable from the xbox. For the DVD movies ISO you can use ImgBurn.

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Thank you for the help so far.  it appears the downloaded files are propriorty ot the machine they are downloaded on, but since you purchased it, you can download to each pc/xbox/tablet you own via the app/service you purchased it from.

Probably the issue you have moving the file from the iTunes file.  We then cannot transfer the movie file to to the MBL.  Sad really…Anyone have a solution besides torrenting the files?

I do notice a dregradation of the quality of the ripped DVD file using handbrake/dvdfab.  Anyone have a better software  solution?