Movie Backgrounds

Hey all,

info: wd live streaming   with latest firmware

I cant get the background movie pictures to come up behind my videos…Im using darklight, nice theme by the way,…and am slowly getting thumbgen set up but havent had enough time lately to finish it…

But in this process, i learned i SHOULD have background images even without thumbgen…I get thumbnails for each movie just fine…get content info under the option button finds the movies with no problem …

I checked the xml files and they even have a section with included images…but still no iimage (other than the darklight clouds…) and yes, i am using my media library, not window share…

am i missing an option button somewhere??



Switch back to the default theme.

If backdrops work, then you know it’s theme specific.

I don’t know much about Darklight, but if it’s “Movie-sheet” based, then you MUST use thumbgen to get it to work, as backdrops themselves aren’t supported on a lot of themes – just a single “Sheet” that’s generated by TG.