Movie Artwork for Movies Over 2GB

Hello there, I have a 3TB WD Personal My Cloud which I am using to stream movies to my Samsung Smart TV, the issue I am having is that any movie over 2GB won’t show the movie artwork. I have tried finding a solution to the problem but have come up short. Has anyone had the same problem and if so how did you overcome it. Any help in this matter would be much appreciated.

Have you checked with another DLNA client on your local network (like Windows Media Player)? Could very well be a problem with your Samsung TV. What format is the video file? Is the artwork embedded into the video file or a separate media file?

I have no problems with artwork (embedded in video files) showing on 2GB video files with my Roku(s) and in Windows Media Player.

Some problem with embedded artwork was my guess, too.

I’d suggest extracting the artwork to a .jpg file (of the same name as the video file).

Thank you for your advice. I had the same problem with streaming video to an online movie theater soap 2 day. Really big file was not displaying the cover of the poster, I tried everything, I struggled a long time but nothing worked, but now it seems to work and all posters are displayed. Thanks again for your help!