Movie and TV Show folders

Hi all, I just upgraded to the hub from the live.  I’ve used the xml scrapper for all my movies and TV Shows.  Currently all my movies are in separate folders:


       -------> 300\300.mkv

When I go into movies, the folder art doesn’t show and the metadata from the folder doesn’t show.  Is there a hierarchy that I need to follow?  I had put the movies in their separate folders for the wdtv live because it made it easier to navigate.  Do I need to take the movies out of their separate folders?  If I select the actual movie file the metadata comes up.

Thank you for your advice.

For now, yes, that’s what you’ll need to do.   Just keep the movies in a common folder.

But if you have in a folder DVD files (bup, vob etc.) then the info will be shown even when you select the folder that contains them. So you might hold on to folders with DVD copies.

I bought a hub after and still owning a wd live plus since the pluses latest firmware that hid the .jpgs I took all my movies out of the folder and put them right on the root drive. now since the hub and the way the hub does jpgs sheets etc it made quite a mess when I look at it from the plus view. I fixed it by putting a playlist inside each harddrive for that harddrive so when I use the plus I go straight to the playlist and it shows my movies like it did before when using the hub it doesn’t show all that stuff but I have all movie info background pics thumbs

I’m not sure that I understand what you mean by adding a playlist within each harddrive.  I guess I have two questions:

  1. What is this playlist you are referring to?

  2. How do you create this playlist?

Thank you in advance.