Moved two external 4TB disks internal and lost all data

I had too many external disks and decided to build a fileserver.

I Peeled the plastic from two external 4TB disks and installed them inside my new big chassi. I also installed two new disks.

I did this before with external disks but they where smaller.

Because I installed the new disks I was not surprised that Windows asked me to initialize the disks and I chosed GPT.

That was my mistake because The two ex-externals disk was also initialized.

Now I can’t reed them even if I move them back to the external place.

I now know that this operation not was possible because of the special mbr format. But I thought my experiment would be reversible.

Yes I’m an ■■■■■ I know that already.

But I don’t know if it’s possible to reverse this GPT initialization and read the disks again.

Is there an easy way to recover the content on the disks?

Hi, I would first try to recover the files using a data recovery program, using Google, you can find several options online. After this, you can try to reformat the hard drives from the external case. 

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I used “testdisk” and it worked perfectly and rewrote the mbr without any problem.