MOVED Root directory is full, No SSH, No UI access

MOVED here

I believe the root directory is full. I think this because  Transmission couldn’t save resume file (transmission is the suspect for this)

I cannot access my other shares but I believe they are still there.

I cannot access the UI or SSH

I can access the Feature Pack Manager login screen but can’t actually log in.

I can access the transmission web page but have stopped and remove all torrents hoping this would help.

My mybooklive is accessible by windows explorer and SMB, Public folder only.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to access my other shares.

I would like to retrieve the files before I send the device back for RMA (which is approved)


My mybooklive was playing up. The enitre hard rive was full at one stage. I have since deleted a lot of files and it is down to 

Transmission not working properly and when I tried to log into the UI it asked for owner password.

When I entered the incorrect pasword would get red text “Incorrect Password” when I entered the correct password I would get no text.

So I rest the mybook with the reset button on the back. Problem continued still had SSH.

I did a factory restore with the -noreformat option through SSH.

Now SSH is not enabled and I only get a blank screen when I try the UI and all the variations I can think of.


Thanks Rod

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