Moved - need to reset my WD cloud thing

I recently moved, so now my device cannot find the network. I tried to reset the thing - two ways. First I put the paperclip in the hole in the back and held for 4 seconds. That didn’t work. Then I did the option B where I unplug the device, wait for a minute, then while I am plugging it in again hold the reset button in for 40 seconds. None of these options work. Does anyone have any other ideas?? I don’t have the old internet with the username and password which is what it is searching for. Not sure what to do now…

First, what do you mean by you don’t have the old internet? Do you have the same devices, computers, router, modem and My Cloud? Did you set your network up the same? If you did you may just need to reboot your router.

How long have you owned your My Cloud and do you know if it is a 1st generation or 2nd generation?

What color are the LED’s on the front and back and what are the ones on the back doing?

Are you using a different broadband provider? Is it AT&T or did your broadband provider give you one of the routers/gateways mentioned in the following WD Support document?

What color is the front LED on the My Cloud?

Can you access the network router/gateway and see what IP address it is handing out to the My Cloud? IF so have you tried using that IP address in your web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard?

The My Cloud does NOT “search” for a user name and password. Instead you would use the My Cloud Administrator user name and password to access the My Cloud Dashboard. That administrator name/password is independent to and not related to the username/password one would use to access their broadband router/gateway.

I moved states. In the old state I had Fios. Now I have Uverse internet. So the only equipment that is different is the wireless/router. i tried to reboot the My cloud like the instructions online said to do but it didn’t work and I still get this yellow flashing light. I have owned the My Cloud for maybe 3 years so it is probably the first generation, I am guessing. There isn’t any lights in the back - just the front which is flashing a yellowish color. I hope this helps a little more. I’m getting a bit frustrated with it :-/.

I did see a place where it had an IP address. How do I change the web browser to have the same IP address? I did not realize you could do that.

I did change from Fios to ATT Uverse.

The color is yellowish and is flashing on the front of the My Cloud.

Because your using AT&T Uverse see the WD Support link I posted above for WD’s explanation of what to do. Basically the current workaround is to use a switch between the My Cloud and AT&T Uverse router/gateway.

Okay perfect. I will use that. Thank you!

What’s “add a network switch”? Do I need to purchase something?

A switch is a separate piece of networking hardware. You can usually find 5 port gigabit switch for under $15 USD. Here is one such example:

One can find switches at their local electronic/computer parts store.

In a pinch, if one has an old unused router laying around one could possibly reconfigure that router to be used as a switch.