Moved drive is not accessible

I have moved my NTFS formatted WDC WD5000AAKS internal drive (with about 260 GB of data) from my windows 2000 pro to my windows XP pro computer as a second storage only drive. I’ve enabled this drive in the bios and the drive is visible in my computer, and it is visible in the disk manager and appears healthy. All attempts to open the drive return the error that the drive is not accessible. When I put the drive back into the 2000 pro computer it is accessible and works fine. Any ideas short of deleting the partition and reformatting in the XP pro computer? I don’t have anywhere to store my data temporarily.


Some ideas, at random -

-  there is a difference between NTFS under w2k and xp but I believe they are compatible so w2k -> xp should be ok

-  did you have encryption or compression on the w2k drive?

-  run CHKDSK on the w2k box

-  can you run CHKDSK on the xp box?

Regards, Dave