Moved, can't light up old MyCloud

We used a Mycloud for our small business. The landlady at the old space we are vacating sent a contractor to dismantle the space earlier than our move-out date, and now we have a mess. The MyCloud drive was connected to the network in the old space happily serving files, but now we can’t plug it in back in that location because the network doesn’t exist there anymore. We were in the process of setting up a new MyCloud Home drive in the new space. The plan was to set up the new drive and migrate the files. The new MyCloud Home drive is up and running fine, but we can’t get the files off the old drive. I’ve tried plugging it into a wifi router in the new space, but we the drive is not visible on the new network. Plugging it directly into a laptop via ethernet or USB doesn’t work either. Any suggestions?

update: I plugged the old MyCloud into the new wifi in the new space. I can access it through the IP address via a browser window, but it’s crushingly slow and will not allow me to bulk download/copy files.

Was it using DHCP in the old space, or a static IP?

If static, you may need to modify the configuration to match the new network configuration.