Move RAID1 from EX2100 to EX4100?

Hi there,
I have an EX2100 and want to switch tu an EX4100. Is it possible to move my RAID1 (2x8 TB) from 2100 to 4100 without formatting? I would like to move it and start with 2 installed disks (like on my EX2100 right now) and add 2 additional disks later on.

Yes, it’s called RAID Migration. After inserting the two drives into an empty chassis of EX4100, you will be asked by the system within its Web interface, if you want to use the drives with existing configuration. Click YES and that’s it.

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oh, that’s good to hear. Saves a lot of time for copying, raidbuilding and copying back. Thanks for your quick reply.

Just as a side note and to avoid double postings in csae of further questions:
RAID Migration