Move iTunes to MyCloud - PC


I want to move my iTunes library from my PC to MyCloud.  I followed Apples guidance in their support but it didn’t work so well.  I’ve restored all and back to scratch.

A couple of questions:

  1. I have the WDMyCloud folder in my iTunes library.  It is empty since I have no music in the folder.

  2. I’ve seen an approach to copy to the iTunes folder to the MyCloud public/music folder than have iTunes point to it as the new library…has anyone had luck with this?

3, Also, if i copy the itunes folder to the MyCloud public/music folder, the iTunes videos will move there to.  Shouldn’t these go to the public/video folder?

4.  Overall, what is best approach/practices for moving my iTunes library to MyCloud

Thanks in advance…John

You can either move the iTunes folder to the drive or use the Server option.

The following articles explains both scenarios:

iTunes server and how it works on a WD Network drive

Moving an iTunes music folder to an external hard drive