Move function not working with new firmware

I put all of my movies on my Seagate 1.5 T external drive and plugged it into the WD TV Live HD Media Player. The movies play fine but when I attempt to add more from my zip drive the WD program won’t allow me to move them to the “Seagate” root directory. It opens to display all the movies I have and I can’t seem to “move” the files from my zip to the Seagate root directory. This never was a problem prior to “updating” the firmware to 1.04.17_V. Now the entire move procedure is not working the way it should.

How do I get the movies to “move” from my zip drive to the “root directory” of my Seagate drive? Is there a way to move back the firmware version to the origional?

Did you get any help with this issue?