Move function gone

I upgraded my firmware to the latest version and now the “move” function is gone when plugging in SD cards.

the reason I purchased this device was for the automatic moving of videos and images from SD cards while I am in the field (and that is one of the main marketing themes). I have not been able to find the earlier firm wares on WD website (only the current firmware 1.04.17).

Any one have any thoughts or know where I can download the earlier firmware? so I can get the move function back.


WD explained why the move functions was made, either in the announcementmt of the newest firmware or in the release notes found under support for the device. You night want to find and read this before downgrading the firmware.

I have not as yet upgraded to the latest version as I am reluctant to lose the “move” function. I have looked for WD’s explanation for its removal, but without success. The release notes only state, “• Changed SD/USB storage import folder format with additional timestamp
(ISO8601)” and “• Fixed timestamp error on content imported from SD/USB storage”, which I don’t really consider an explanation if this was intended as such. Could you please point me to the explanation as I cannot seem to find it? Thank you.

Sorry, I cannot find anything, but I did see something in a post here.

So, contact WD Support for an answer.