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Sometimes I need to move a large volume of data from one share to another. In such cases, I use the “Internal Backup”, I copy the data in the new location and then delete the data from the previous location. The other option, to use the file explorer to move the data over the network from a share to the other is much slower compared to the option of using the tool “Internal Backup.” However, for this to work, the device need to have enough space on the drive so that the data is redundant until it are deleted.

So I was wondering if we have an “Internal Backup” tool, why do not we also have a tool “Move Files” in Registered User Interface?

Hi @persiomenezes

The miracle you are looking for is

mv -v /mnt/shares/share1 /mnt/shares/share2

and part of the commandline “tools” via SSH console. MV is the linux command to “move” files from A to B.


@Joerg_A, thank you for reply. But I am only a Windows user. I have no experience with Linux. I could try to use what you have said, but I would need something like a “cake recipe” (I mean: Step 01, do this; Step 02, do that… By the way, could you please help me with this?).

Besides that, when I try to turn “on” the SSH on user interface, the device says “Please note that modifying or attempting to modify this system outside the normal operation of the product voids your WD warranty”. What does it mean? If I turn “on” SSH will I lost my warranty?

I really would like to learn how to move files with SSH, but I still believe we need a “Move files function” on next firmeware update.

Hi @persiomenezes

Read carefully what is written in this sentence :wink:
“modifying or attempting to modify this system outside the normal operation” means: don’t abuse the operating system by installing or tweaking whatever is not given by the operating system outside of what the system is made for. On command line level, you are “root”. Therefore a lot of things may be possible where we cannot be responsible for in any way. Then, at this stage, the warranty is gone. By enabling SSH, the warranty is not gone “per default”.

OK, then it would be better if you use the build in “web file manager” in the App Center on My Cloud Mirror and above. If you own a single-drive My Cloud, we should talk again as there is no App Center with the file manager.

I found out that using file explorer, it results in about the same speed as internal backup with my gigabit LAN and WD Black in my PC. I think that if you have a gigabit LAN and good enough hard drive, you shouldn’t suffer from speed that much.

I just tried what Joerg suggested, and copied a 4GB movie file from one location in my DL 2100 to another location in the NAS. my Win 8 laptop said that data was moving in NAS at 50-54MB/s. Well, that makes sense, because it is half the speed data moves from a USB3 external, which can be as high as 114MB/s. drive on PC to NAS. In the first case, the NAS is doing all the work of reading and writing it takes twice the effort to move internally than from one location to another and the speeds indicate that is the case.

But, there is something more fundamental to mention here. Early DOS users know why there is not a MOVE function on a PC as there is a COPY and other functions… Microsoft said there is no need or reason for one; that is what CUT and PASTE is for. To move any file, folder etc. we are to use CUT the file and PASTE it elsewhere. A move happens instantaneously, because no data was actually moved (copied) only the file name location was changed in the File table on the HD, making moving something of a a no-brainer activity for user, PC and drive.

So, Cut is not something to use only in Word to delete something (or Paste it somewhere else) It is also essential for file management tasks.


That is the idea. Obviously.

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