Move EX2 drives

My old My Cloud EX2 no longer connects to a network. My router shows the device as Offline and no Ethernet blinking green light. When I plug in power, the power LED eventually goes to solid red and both drive LED are blue.

My guess is the firmware needs updating but I can’t log into the dashboard. Can I purchase a new NAS and simply add my 2 disks? Which NAS should I get? I read a topic here that someone did this with an EX2 Ultra, but I wonder if there is a more current alternative.

I’ve never done this myself, but there’s a FAQ somewhere (!) on the WD site on moving the drives over from an EX2 to an EX2 ultra. Search the posts for a response from WD on this.

Have you done a 4 second or a 40 second reset?

I’ve done both resets, each ending with a solid red power LED. I can log into My Cloud but get the following message:
Can’t connect to WDMyCloudEX2
2) Update the my cloud firmware. You’ll need to do this from the device dashboard (web interface)

How are you logging in to the mycloud to get that message?

With the link in my last reply My Cloud

Ah, OK, so you aren’t actually logging in to it, just getting the error message.

Have you tried a different network cable?

(EDIT: Solid red light usually means no network connection)

I can move this network cable to the dock for my MS Surface to get Internet via ethernet, so the cable is good.

Sounds like a bad ethernet port on the MyCloud, then.

Could be but the cloud firmware message seems important, but I can’t change the firmware without access to the network. This NAS worked earlier in the summer. I ordered a MY Cloud EX2 Ultra from Newegg today. I’m hoping I can swap drives and suddenly be back in business. I’m not even sure what is on these drives - I think a ton of burned CDs.

I just had to purchase a new Mycloud EX2 Ultra and need my info to transfer over from my old EX2, was wondering can I can take one of the drives out of my EX2 and install it in my EX2 Ulta? I was going to transfer from one unit to the other and my old unit EX2 doens’t show up anylonger on my network and thought installing one of my drives into the new EX2 Ultra and would have my backup already done (fast).