Move drive to a different MyCloud

I have two identical MyCloud devices (connected to different computers). One stopped working, and in a lab they told me that the actual hard drive is fine, and it seems the MyCloud device has issues.
I’d like to backup all the data in this drive.

I wonder - can I take out the hard drive from the non-working MyCloud and place it in my other MyCloud so I connect it and do a backup?
I heard if I try this, my drive might be locked due to MyCloud security.

Appreciate your assistance and confirmation.


Depends? Are they both the same model? Gen1 or Gen2?

It MIGHT be possible but it depends on if both My Cloud units are the exact same model and are using the same firmware version. Currently there are two DIFFERENT single bay My Cloud models. Each using slightly different hardware.

Who told you that or where did you read that?

So long as the hard drive isn’t damaged and is readable one can attach the hard drive to a computer and access it since it is in Linux format (EXT3/EXT4). If using Windows one may need to install additional software to read the EXT3/EXT4 format. See the following post for additional discussion as one such past discussion on accessing the My Cloud hard drive using Windows 10.

Same model, not sure if Gen1 or Gen2… How can I verify?


Yes, they are same model - purchased them together few years ago.
How can I verify the firmware version (if one is not accessible)

Took it to a tech lab for restore. They told me that the hard drive itself works, and probably the MyCloud “case” has a problem. They want to charge too much for copying the content, so I wonder if I can just use my other MyCloud to switch hard drive, connect and backup (since I don’t have external cables which I can directly connect the hard drive to my computer).

Bottom line, is it “safe” to give it a try? (switch hard drives and connect)
No lock or self-destruction :slight_smile: will happen?

If you still have both My Cloud enclosures look at the bottom of both of them for a P/N number. If that number ends in “-00” then its first gen v3.x/v4.x single bay My Cloud. If that number ends in “-10” then it’s second gen v2.x single bay My Cloud.