Move disks from Mybookworld to Mycloud, it will works?

I bought years ago a WD MyBook WOrld and now my intention is to buy a Mycloud Bay without disks and simply move the hdd from the Myworld to Mycloud, The data will be manteined? I dont’ want to spend extra money and time to buy other 4 tera disks and pass a week to copy from the old disk to the new…anyone tried this type of migration/upgrade?

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The data will be manteined?
[/quote] The firmware information on those enclosures are different and inserting multiple drives with a firmware might not be a good idea.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible.

There is a mycloud device you can purchase without disks?

If there are, please share the link.

If you are referring to My Cloud EX2, then you have the wrong forum.


MOdel WDBVKW0000NCH Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 x2 Capacity 0 TB Windows/Mac

Doesn’t the My Cloud EX2 already come with hard drives included?

In any event there is a dedicated EX2 sub forum as this sub forum is for the single drive/bay My Cloud device.

@nasosa, correct, like I said, wrong forum. I also provided you with the link to the correct forum, you should ask there.

@Bennor, those Expert Series NAS devices, have the option to be purchased without any disks.

Nobody Knows?

ok, now it is on the right forum…