Move backup from WD Passport to MyCloud

I have been doing local backups of a 512gb HDD to a WD Passport using WD software. I now want to move that backup to my MyCloud NAS drive and then continue to incrementally back up. I don’t want to start the process from scratch if i can avoid it. Is there any way to do this?

What backup software are you using? Smartware? Have you checked the help for that backup software to see if it mentions or supports what you would like to do? If Smartware see the following link for the Smartware User Manual:

Hi -Thanks so much for your reply - I am using the WD software that came with the Passport drive. it is fairly straightforward. I wonder if I copy the backup from the USB Passport drive to the mycloud and set that as the backup location if the system would recognize the copy as a legitimate backup?