Move backup from WD My Book to WD Elements

I’m using WD Backup software to backup to my 3Tb My Book. I just got a 6Tb WD Elements and hope to copy the files from My Book to the Elements drive and have the backup operate without any further configuration.
Are there any issues for doing this? Is the Elements drive NTFS from the factory? Do I need to do anything in the backup software or will it function like the My Book after I transfer the data and hook it up?

The 6TB WD Elements will be factory formatted NTFS

Yep,a Big issue … because WD Backup does Not Support WD Elements Hard Drives.

(i guess you should have checked that before purchasing one)

■■■■… my bad. Returning this and getting a 6Tb WD My Book. Should that swap out seamlessly?

as long as selecting a new ‘Target’ hard drive works (i don’t personally use WD Backup, so i wouldn’t know for sure)

and if you’re copying the existing backup data off the 3TB to the 6TB … i dunno if it will keep adding new backup data to the existing data or overwrite the existing data ?

you might have to do a test … don’t move the data off your 3TB, copy it… in case

someone using WD Smartware had a bit of trouble though (link below) so … dunno, can’t offer any more advice unfortunately