Move a folder from “public” to a different share via ssh?

After like 4h of a transfer time I managed to place a 50GB folder in the public folder that I would like to move this folder to a new share that I created, so I can adjust it’s premission on the main drive outside the public folder.
I can ssh to mycloud but then what I do to move that folder from the public folder to the new share I created?

Thanks very much

Use the Linux “mv” command to move files or folders from one location to another using SSH on the My Cloud. You can use your favorite internet search engine to find various posts on how the “mv” command works with examples.

mv folder1 folder2

You would use the full path to each folder location. One may have to use “sudo” to have administrator access to the root level to move files/folders. If there are any spaces in the file/folder name use a "\" at the end of the word before the space, else you may get an error. I don’t have access to an OS5 My Cloud right at the moment, but on an OS3 v4.x My Cloud this example works. Note the folder paths will likely be different on OS5.

sudo mv /DataVolume/shares/Public/Shared\ Videos/Various\ misc\ videos /DataVolume/shares/test

The above example moves a folder called Various misc videos from the Public\Shared Videos folder to a separate Share called test.

Note that normally a subfolder/subdirectory will inherit its permissions from the Share itself. Using SSH to change folder/file permissions or do anything else to their My Cloud may result in unintended consequences so one proceeds at their own risk.