.mov from Lumix LX3 do not play properly compared to .mov fron Canon S95

My problem is an old problem, started august 2010 when trying to play original video files .mov from my Panasonic LX3 camera. Sound was stuttering then. Now sound plays well but I notice that video is not playing smoothly.

I have downloaded the latest firmware 1.4.22-V (I think)

I also have .mov files from my Canon S95 which plays perfect. Using Mediainfo I can see that there is differences between the LX3 .mov videos and the Canon S95 .mov videos. I believed that .mov from modern compact cameras should be the same but it is not.

I have noticed that .mov with Format MPEG-4 uses to play well.

Format Quicktime and JPEG in LX3 video with Bitrate : 23,4 Mbps seems to be the problem.

Has anyone any idea why this video do not play smooth? Bitrate?

I now convert almost all my videos to .avi which plays well everywhere.

 I can live with this malfunction in WD TV Live but still want to inform other Panasonic LX3 owners about this.


Below is the mediainf information.

Canon S95

Complete name : D:\Digital_Pictures\2011\2011_03_14\MVI_0729.MOV

Format : MPEG-4

Format profile : QuickTime

Codec ID : qt

File size : 509 MiB

Duration : 3 min

Overall bit rate : 19,9 Mbps


ID : 1

Format : AVC

Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec

Format profile : Baseline@L4.1

Format settings, CABAC : Nej

Format settings, ReFrames : 1 frame

Codec ID : avc1

Codec ID/Info : Advanced Video Coding

Duration : 3 min

Bit rate : 18,4 Mbps

Width : 1 280 pixlar

Height : 720 pixlar

Display aspect ratio : 16:9

Frame rate : 23,976 fps

Color space : YUV

Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0

Bit depth : 8 bits

Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.831

Stream size : 470 MiB (92%)

colour_primaries : BT.709-5, BT.1361, IEC 61966-2-4, SMPTE RP177

transfer_characteristics : BT.709-5, BT.1361

matrix_coefficients : BT.601-6 525, BT.1358 525, BT.1700 NTSC, SMPTE 170M

Panasonic Lumix LX3


Complete name : D:\Digital_Pictures\2011\2011_03_14\P1030333.MOV

Format : QuickTime

Format/Info : Original Apple specifications

File size : 464 MiB

Duration : 2mn 46s

Overall bit rate : 23.4 Mbps


ID : 1

Format : JPEG

Codec ID : jpeg

Duration : 2mn 46s

Bit rate mode : Variable

Bit rate : 23.1 Mbps

Width : 1 280 pixels

Height : 720 pixels

Display aspect ratio : 16:9

Frame rate mode : Constant

Frame rate : 24.000 fps

Compression mode : Lossy

Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 1.045

Stream size : 459 MiB (99%)

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


I have got an answer from WD TV Live support. They state that the bitrate is to high.

Since I have run uncompressed videofiles which had greater bitrates I do not think it is only the bitrates that matters.