Mounting two WD units each time Mac starts up

I have two WD devices: MyCloudLiveDuo and MyCloudMirror. I’m using them too hold files that I stream through Plex. I’m running Plex server on an iMac, OSX 10.11.2 (El Capitan) In order for Plex to see these movies at all times, they need to be on mount points that are the same every time my Mac starts up. When I connect to the drives manually, one is listed as “Public” and the other is “Public-1”. Since I cannot change the names of the sharepoints, I need to ensure that the names (Public, Public-1) are assigned to the same unit (MyCloudLiveDuo, MyCloudMirror) each time that the Mac restarts. Any suggestions on how to do this reliably?

I’ve added the Public mount points for each unit to the login items for my user ID



Let’s see if any of the users on the community can share some information with you about that.

Also, you can try contacting WD Support for direct assistance on this case.

WD Contact info:

Try this website to automount your share.

Thanks! I have used these steps to auto mount and it works in so far as the PUBLIC drives mount. The problems are due to the timing of the mounts. Per the article:

“The exact timing will depend on your network connection and the availability of your network drive”

It seems that the two drives mount at different times, and don’t always mount in the same order. In order to have consistent names, I need them to mount to the same name each time the iMac starts, which would require them to mount in the same order each time the iMac boots. In a normal *NIX system, simply editing fstab would do the trick, but thats not an option in OS X (as far as I can tell). Further renaming the PUBLIC share points in the two WD products would work, but that’s not allowed under the current firmware.

Any other suggestions out there?

Sometimes reframing the question in Google is all it takes to find a (potential) answer. I’m going to try this process over the weekend: