Mounting .ISO File

Windows 8 and 8.1 has a built-in .ISO mounting facility but reports that it cannot mount a .ISO file (data or video) from the WD MY CLOUD NAS (latest firmware).  The identical file mounts fine from a local drive or from a MYBOOKLIVE NAS, and I can play a video .ISO from a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player with access through Network share (the Mac share seems to work but the My Cloud drive does not appear when the Windows Share option is selected??).  The security permissions differ slightly between the My Cloud and the MyBookLive but I haven’t been able to edit these from Windows.  I am not running any of the WD My Cloud utilities; I manage the drive from its dashboard via a web browser.  Suggestions?

Did you edit permissions via dashboard?

I should have mentioned that the .ISO files are in the default Public/Shared Videos folder on the My Cloud NAS.  I don’t see any relevant permissions to adjust in that case?

What error do you get when you try to mount it?

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The error is simply that Windows couldn’t mount the file, citing just that there was a problem with no hint as to what the problem might be.  A Google search resulted in similar mounting errors but the solutions did not help this situation in which the same file would mount from one source but not another.

Seems to be an issue with Windows 8, an alternative is download a different mounting program (i use virtual clonedrive, its free)

I can try a third party mounting program.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I tend to think it may be an issue with Windows 8 but also an issue with the MyCloud NAS since I can mount the .ISO from a MyBookLive NAS.  I think I’ll leave it at that for now until the next firmware update is available, assuming that WD can duplicate the issue.

Thanks, again.