Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and WDTV - Help setting up network share. => Additional question

Hi Everyone - I am in the process of setting up Linux network share between my WD TV Live and Mac as specified in the following topic:

I was able to get a test folder on my desktop shared with the following in my export file:

/Users/me/Desktop/Test_for_me -mapall=user ##.#.#.#

However, I haven’t been able to get my external drive where all of my files are stored to mount yet.  This is what I’m using in the export file at the moment:

/Volumes/2TB\MOVIES/Test -mapall=user ##.#.#.#

I’ve tried various combinations for the folder path but I just can’t figure it out so far.  

Does anyone have any ideas?  

Thanks in advance

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

You can also try to follow this link to see if it helps you out with NFS sharing:

Hello and thanks for replying!  I did find this link and it was most helpful indeed.  I was able to set up the NFS share successfully provided the content I wanted to send to the WD TV Live was on my iMac, however I couldn’t figure out how to get the export file path defined correctly when the content was housed on my external drive connected to the iMac.  Will the method described in the link work for files on an external drive?  If so, what should the path be defined as in the exports file?