Mount share from work to home

As the topic says. In office i want the WD. Here is no problem i suppose to see the files thru windows explorer.

When at home i like to see it the same way… No web-interface…just plain windows environment. Is it possible?

The advertising says its like f.e. dropbox…but dropbox integrates with windows explorer perfectly… Does this to?
Any other sollutions if it doestn? :slight_smile:

Thanks!! :smiley:

For now, you can use the desktop app or with a little work, VPN

How much work…? :slight_smile:

I am using a MyBookLiveDuo, which is the generation before the MyCloud. It is nearly identical in many respects.  I have an OpenVPN server installed on the MBL which i can connect to remotely and then browser my files exactly as if i were on the home network.  I have also installed ownCloud server on it which is exactly like Dropbox functionality except that the data is on my own server and not on some third party’s server (like Dropbox is). 

You can look at these solutions for yourself. There are guides writtten on this forum for intalling both packages i mentioned on a MBL.  At the moment no user has written an install guide for the MyCloud, since it has only been on teh market for a few months.  If you have same basic Linux skills you can modify the guides for your device or you can wait until someone else does it. Or if you are impatient, buy a MBL and use the existing guides.

Thanks. I will try to find this openvpn server guide.

I encourage you to go the ownCloud route.  OpenVPN is slow since everything is encrytped. 

Thanks…but the owncloud…is that more implemented like dropbox in windows explorer or the"my computer" in windows?
The nas has the “cloud” already, but it feels like i want a more windows-like access to my files :slight_smile:

So there is a winning by choosing owncloud instead of the cloud that is there from the beginning?

Sorry for my bad english.