Mount S3 Bucket/Azure File Share on PR2100 for Plex

Hi, would like to mount an S3 Bucket or an Azure File Share on my PR2100 (on boot if possible) in such a way that I can configure Plex to scan/stream the content as part of a library.

Pretty sure I need S3FS for Fuse but do not have the first idea how to start to get this working - if I can.

Is it even possible???

Help me, you’re my only hope… :wink:


S3 is an object store and you cannot mount it as a file system natively in the OS. There are some 3rd party tools that allow you mount S3 as filesystem but people are reporting issue with that. There are tools for easy file transfer to S3 like CloudBerry or Cyberduck, alternatively you can install AWS CLI and use that to browse and transfer file to S3.

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