Mount in folder option for WD Smartware CD

I don’t use the WD SmartWare as it uses a hell of a lot of memory etc

and spends ages categorizing my files which I simply don’t need.

However i have the disks locked to secure my data. So therefore I use the CD option to unlock them.

The problem is that i have 4 of them and consequently 4 CD’s and 4 drive letters

and i have run out of drive letters with all the other USB sticks ipods gps’s… that i have.

I would like to mount the CD in a folder. And use the unlock.exe from there.

I’m sure it must be possible, but the program returns…

“You must run the Unlock application from the WD SmartWare CD associated with the drive you want to unlock.”

Click Exit, locate and open the related WD SmartWare CD, and then run Unlock to unlock the desired drive."

Would the program developers have a look at allowing this option. I would be most convenient!

If not an ability within SmartWare are to stop it categorizing.