Motion Error Message whist recording to mybook


I got myself a 2TB mybook studio last week and took it out on saturday night to record a live gig. Im running it on a mac with snow leopard. I plug my mac into a my mixer via firwire, and use the other firewire from my mixer to mybook. 

I procedded to record 13 tracks of audio into logic pro, as I usually do but 2 mins into recording logic stops recording, and I get a motion sensor error message/disk too slow. Ive never got this message before, I cant find a solution to this problem and If I dont get it sorted out fast Il be losing future work. 

Just to point out, the day after the gig, I took it all back out restarted a new logic session and I got the same message, this time I was only recording 4 tracks. I was recording both sessions at a sample rate of 44.1Hz and 24bit. 

Hi, how about when you copy files manually, do you get any errors? Also check the link below and download and install the Mac turbo drivers, that might help.

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No, manually works fine. Il check that download out. I wont have any feedback again on it until the weekend. 

Hopefully it should work 


The Update worked perfectly, I had tried to install other driver updates but was unsuccessful. 

Had the drive recording for 2hrs without any problems 

Cheers again