Most stable firmware

Well I foolishly upgraded to 1.13.18, and now I can’t access my network shares. Sometimes my WD TV Live can see the shares, and will start to play a movie, but then it stops and the circle spins forever (this happens in both normal def and HD files). It plays fine from a USB stick. I’ve tried resetting to factory defaults with no change. Unfortunately, I don’t know the number of my previous firmware, so I can’t just go back to that one. I rolled back to 1.11.14 but now it can’t find the network shares at all. What is the most stable firmware to play avi and mkv from a network share. The rest of the stuff (Netflix, Youtube, etc) I can live without. I can access the network shares from another PC, so I know they work. Thanks, Jim

Try installed the latest firmware and then press the reset button. Also try to reset the router. 

Are you hard wired or wireless?

If wireless, I would connect using a wired lan.

I have two units with the latest firmware and they stream HD content (15 to 20GB file size) just fine, both from my computer shares and ReadyNAS shares.

I’m on wireless, but even when I plug in a USB stick, I still have odd pauses during playback and rewind and fast forward no longer work smoothly.

I also noticed problems with FF/RW, however I had no dropouts during playback.